Today, at Leeds General Infirmary, we carried out a complex peri-articular osteotomy around the elbow for a previous malunion in an 8 year old. We used Materialise; a Belgium base company who analyse CT scans of the normal limb and the deformed limb. They then, during an hour-long online meeting, work with the surgeon to plan how they plan to correct the deformity. Using 3D printers, they print specific jigs to carry out the surgery without guessing or being prone to human errors intraoperatively. Everything is pre-planned including the length of plates and screws to fix the osteotomy. In such complex cases it is vital to use modern technology to identify the cause of the deformity and take out as much human error as possible. Even the saw blade cut of 0.6mm is taken into account in the correction.

Mr Vollans specialises in the management of children and adult elbow complaints, and has an interest in the most complex cases. In these type of cases the technology has really helped surgeons with the accuracy and hopefully the functional results of their surgery. We will keep you updated of the child’s progress!