Alfie fractured his elbow a number of years before he met Mr Vollans. He had developed a significant deformity that made him feel sad and also his elbow had started to feel unstable. He underwent surgery to correct this significant deformity of his arm using the latest technology….. Materialise. After performing CT scans of both arms, special jigs were made to enable Mr Vollans to reconstruct Alfie’s arm to match his normal arm. This technique provides the most accurate way of Getting It Right First Time!

Mr Vollans performs a number of these more complex deformity corrections using this relatively new patient specific technology.

Mr Sam Vollans

Mr Sam Vollans

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

I graduated from the University of Leeds and completed my specialist training in Yorkshire. Following this, I undertook further training in both elective and trauma shoulder & elbow surgery within the UK and Europe with many renowned surgeons.

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