Elbow problems

There are many different problems that you might be experiencing with your elbow:

  • pain – there are many conditions that cause pain in the elbow
  • stiffness – often following an injury or secondary to arthritis
  • tendon injuries – the biceps or triceps tendon can be injured and often require repair
  • tendon irritation – tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow
  • elbow instability – where the elbow seems to be unstable whether after an injury or not
  • osteoarthritis / rheumatoid arthritis in the elbow joint
  • a broken (fractured) bone of which there are many in the elbow

There are things you can do yourself to treat your elbow pain, including using painkillers or ice packs to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Avoiding activities that may aggravate your symptoms will also help, but if your quality of life is reduced you may need to seek further treatments such as:

  • physiotherapy
  • injections
  • surgery (in some cases)